TeliaSonera CA PKI Services

The TeliaSonera CA (Certification Authority) service is suitable for companies of all sizes wanting to utilize strong user authentication and encryption in their business operations.

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The CA business in TeliaSonera's organization

The TeliaSonera CA business is a part of the Business Area Broadband Services, which comprises operations in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and international carrier. It is separated from TeliaSonera's operations outside of the Nordic and Baltics and is completely separated from TeliaSonera's Business Area Eurasia. TeliaSonera's Business Area Eurasia comprises operations in Central Asia and Eastern Europe (e.g. Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Nepal). TeliaSonera International Carrier is TeliaSonera's fiber-optic backbone business; it is an independent company which organizationally resides within the Business Area Broadband Services. For more information see the About us page on

TeliaSonera CA Customer's Responsibilities

TeliaSonera CA Customer's Responsibilities (pdf, 180kB) Download

TeliaSonera Production

TeliaSonera Production CPS (pdf) Download

TeliaSonera Customer CA

TeliaSonera Customer CA CP and CPS (pdf) Download

TeliaSonera Root

  • TeliaSonera Root CPS (pdf) Download
  • TeliaSonera Root CA v1 certificate (intermediate, sha1)
  • TeliaSonera Root CA v1 certificate (intermediate, sha2)
  • TeliaSonera Root CA v1 self-signed certificate (use this only if you really need the self-signed version)
  • OID:
  • Thumbprint (intermediate, sha1): 9f f6 1d eb b4 ed 26 3b 4d be c7 79 87 ca 49 3c 6c c9 3a a4
  • Thumbprint (intermediate (old), sha1): f4 67 16 7f 48 8b c8 34 66 38 88 a6 9a db 4c b9 74 16 d6 06
  • Thumbprint (self-signed, sha1): 43 13 BB 96 F1 D5 86 9B C1 4E 6A 92 F6 CF F6 34 69 87 82 37

TeliaSonera Organizational User Certificate

  • TeliaSonera Organizational User Certificate CPS (pdf) Download
  • TeliaSonera Class1 CA v1 (sha1) certificate
  • TeliaSonera Class1 CA v2 (sha2) certificate
  • OID:
  • Thumbprint (TeliaSonera Class1 CA v1, sha1): 6c 0d 9c 40 94 9c 7e a5 72 a5 b9 48 01 98 8a 9f 19 b4 07 e9
  • Thumbprint (TeliaSonera Class1 CA v2, sha1): 89 e3 c8 68 96 af 10 e2 f4 ee cb c8 12 04 6e b9 a4 4c 8f d0

  • TeliaSonera Class2 CA v1 (sha1) certificate
  • TeliaSonera Class2 CA v2 (sha2) certificate
  • OID:
  • Thumbprint (TeliaSonera Class2 CA v1, sha1): 51 e6 35 0e 44 5c 1f 7c ca a2 7d 5b 6b a2 1d 28 65 ae 04 a4
  • Thumbprint (TeliaSonera Class2 CA v2, sha1): 25 5a d6 e3 86 59 63 cf 5a d9 7b 31 2a 26 86 e2 4e db 92 24/li>

TeliaSonera Server Certificate

  • TeliaSonera Server Certificate CPS (pdf) Download
  • TeliaSonera Server CA v1 (sha1) certificate
  • TeliaSonera Server CA v2 (sha2) certificate
  • OID:
  • Thumbprint (TeliaSonera Server CA v1, sha1): 41 c4 34 fa 80 ed b4 bf 58 a6 98 c2 b1 54 20 d6 f3 4a 33 d0
  • Thumbprint (TeliaSonera Server CA v2, sha1): 0e c6 42 d0 0f 8d cf 7b 19 6a c0 a9 f2 c8 57 e3 42 68 79 a4

TeliaSonera Gateway Certificate

  • TeliaSonera Gateway Certificate CPS (pdf) Download
  • TeliaSonera Gateway CA v1 (sha1) certificate
  • TeliaSonera Gateway CA v2 (sha2) certificate
  • OID:
  • Thumbprint (TeliaSonera Gateway CA v1, sha1): 0d e2 60 f7 96 5c c7 d1 cc be 92 21 26 68 52 9f e5 5f 7d cd
  • Thumbprint (TeliaSonera Gateway CA v2, sha1): 3f 1a 1c cb eb b8 c7 3b e9 94 46 91 8e 3f af f3 ae d2 47 a3

Previous versions of the CPS have been archived and are available by request to

Old TeliaSonera CA Policies and Practise Statements

Old TeliaSonera CA Policies and Practise Statements and TeliaSonera CA Certificate Details can be found here

TeliaSonera CA Certificate Test Pages

TeliaSonera CA Certificate Test Pages will demonstrate how your browser handles different kind of TeliaSonera certificates Enter test pages here