TeliaSonera CA PKI Services

The TeliaSonera CA (Certification Authority) service is suitable for companies of all sizes wanting to utilize strong user authentication and encryption in their business operations.

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Old TeliaSonera CA Policies and Practise Statements

Sonera CA Customer's Responsibilities

Sonera CA Customer's Responsibilities (pdf, 180kB) Download

Sonera CA Certificate Policy

Sonera CA Class1 Certificate Policy v2.5 (pdf, 706kB) Download

Sonera CA Class2 Certificate Policy v2.5 (pdf, 170KB) Download

Sonera CA Practice Statement

Sonera CA Practice Statement v2.5 (pdf, 241kB) Download

Old TeliaSonera CA Practice Statements

TeliaSonera Root CA v1 Practice Statement v1.1 (pdf, 600kB) Download

TeliaSonera Class2 CA v1/TeliaSonera E-mail v3 Practice Statement v1.1 (pdf, 780kB) Download

TeliaSonera CA Certificate Details

TeliaSonera CA root certificates

Thumbprint algorithm: sha1

Sonera Class1 CA

  • Sonera Class1 CA
  • Thumbprint: 07 47 22 01 99 ce 74 b9 7c b0 3d 79 b2 64 a2 c8 55 e9 33 ff

Sonera Class2 CA

  • Sonera Class2 CA
  • Thumbprint: 37 f7 6d e6 07 7c 90 c5 b1 3e 93 1a b7 41 10 b4 f2 e4 9a 27

Sonera Mobile Class1 CA

TeliaSonera Root CA v1

TeliaSonera CA sub certificates

TeliaSonera Class2 CA v1

TeliaSonera Mobile ID CA v1

TeliaSonera Server CA v1

TeliaSonera Gateway CA v1

TeliaSonera Email CA v3